How homeopathy consulation (case-taking) will work for patient & doctors ?

The homeopathic way of understanding your disease is different from the way an allopathic doctor understands it. When you turn to allopathic doctors for treatment, they will mainly look at your symptoms, suggest some tests, come to a diagnosis, and begin your treatment accordingly. Homeopathic doctors go even further before prescribing the drug. In addition to diagnosing your illness, they will try to understand the root cause of your illness. We believe that many factors play a role in the development of your current illness.

It is important to understand all of these factors before beginning treatment. It has been shown that there is a connection between the onset of your physical distress and the presence of emotional stress in your life. Sometimes when stress levels exceed one’s abilities; They may be subject to emotional disorders or physical illnesses or both. On this basis, our doctors will always try to understand your nature, temperament and personal situation at the onset of the disease. Stress alone is often not enough. responsible for your disease, but plays a very important role as a triggering or maintaining factor.

In addition to stress, genetic and hereditary influences, your lifestyle, habits, diet, medical history, previous treatments, family medical issues, etc. all play a crucial role in understanding why you are not okay . These factors can play a large or small role in determining the outcome of your homeopathic treatment. Therefore, our doctors will always discuss these factors with you during your first visit and follow-up visit. cope with certain problematic factors; for e.g. How he deals with stress.

They will guide you with changes you may need to make to your lifestyle, diet and diet. In addition to medication, these fixes will help speed up your recovery.

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