Hemorrhage early in pregnancy

Cause of Hemorrhage early in pregnancy

  1. Related to the pregnancy
    👉ectopic pregnancy
    👉Hydatidy from mole
    👉Implantion2. Cause associated with pregnancy
    👉Cervical erosion
    👉 cervical polyp
    👉ruptured genital varicose vein
    👉Cervical malignancy


    Termination of pregnancy before the 28 weeks of the pregnancy.
    1st spontaneous
    2nd induced

    👉Genetic factors
    👉Endocrinal factors
    👉Anatomical factor
    👉Infectious factors
    👉Immunological factors
    👉 Materna’s medical illnesses
    👉Blood group incompatibility
    👉Envoirmental factor

    Clinical types of miscarriage
    👉Threatend miscarriage
    👉In vital miscarriage
    👉Complete miscarriage
    👉Missed miscarriage
    👉Septic miscarriage
    👉Recurrent miscarriage

    It is the deliberate termination of pregnancy
    Either by medical or surgical method before 28 weeks of pregnancy

    1. legal induced/MTP
    2. illegal/criminal-induced abortions

    Homeopathic management
    😊Secale cor

    Note: This article is only for knowledge purposes, Do not take any medicine without a doctor’s consultation.

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