What is Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) & How it can cure naturally using homeopathy?

It is a type of malnutrition resulting from a deficiency of macronutrients for a long period of time.PEM is very common in children, particularly those below 5 years of age.

Causes of PEM

👉Decrease intake of food either due to poverty or unavailability of food.

👉 Excessive loss of food in the form of diarrhea and vomiting.

👉 increase demand for food such as in malignancy, chronic infection, infestation, and Thyrotoxicosis.

Types of PEM

1 kwashiorkor-Deficiency of Protein

2 Marasmus-Deficiency of calories.

Clinical features of PEM

👉a lack of appetite or interest in food or drink

👉tiredness and irritability

👉an inability to concentrate

👉always feeling cold


👉loss of fat, muscle mass, and body tissue

👉a higher risk of getting sick and taking longer to heal

👉longer healing time for wounds

👉a higher risk of complications after surgery

👉a lack of growth and low body weight

👉tiredness and a lack of energy

👉irritability and anxiety

👉slow behavioral and intellectual development, possibly resulting in learning difficulties.

Homeopathy medicine for PEM


👍🏻Baryta carb



Note: This article is only for knowledge purposes, Do not take any medicine without a doctor’s consultation.

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