What is Leucorrhoea ( White Discharge) & How is it cured using homeopathy naturally?

“Excessive amount of normal vaginal discharge which should fulfill following criteria.”

▪️ Persistent vulvar moistness or staining of undergarments (brownish-yellow discoloration).

▪️ patient needs to wear a vulvar pad.

▪️ It is non-purulent and non-offensive.

▪️ It is non irritant and never cause pruritus.

Causes of leucorrhoea

1-Physiological leucorrhoea

▪️ During puberty

▪️ During the menstrual cycle

▪️ During pregnancy

▪️ During sexual excitement

2-Pathological leucorrhoea

A -Cervical leucorrhoea

▪️ Cervical erosion

▪️ Cervical polyp

▪️ chronic non-infectious cervicitis

▪️ Cervical ectropion

B – Vaginal leucorrhoea

▪️ vaginal pathologies

▪️ PoP

▪️ Veginal adenosis

▪️ OCP

▪️ PID

▪️ Constipation

▪️ Anemia

Homeopathic treatment

  • Kreosotum
  • Sepia
  • Cal carb
  • Borax

Note: This article is only for knowledge purposes, Do not take any medicine without doctor consultation.

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