What is Ringworm & How it can be cured using homeopathy?

Ringworm and Its Homoeopathic Management

Ringworm is a kind of fungal infection occurring on the skin. It derived its name, not by the presence of an actual worm, instead, there is a circular scaly infection which appears as if there is a worm present beneath the skin.

Causes of Ringworm infection

1. Contact an infected person
2. People working in waterlogged condition
3. Human to human contact.

Symptoms of Ringworm infection

1. Reddish, scaly or white patches
2. Burning sensation on the part
3. Circular lesion
4. Itching on the edges of the lesion.

Homoeopathic treatment of Ringworm

1. Itching, irritation, hair loss, pus in the scalp.
2. Dry, scaly, unhealthy skin.

1. Itching is not relieved by scratching.
2. Ringworm-like eruptions every spring

1. Skin red and swollen
2. Intense itching.

1. Excessive itching and swelling in the affected area.
2. Dry and scaly eruptions worse on scratching and in cold weather.

Note: This article is only for knowledge purposes, Do not take any medicine without a doctor’s consultation.

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