The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis: How Internet Health Browsing Impacts Mental Health or it will cause mental stress”

Welcome back to our channel! In today’s video, we’re diving into a topic that affects many of us – using the internet to diagnose our health issues. While it’s tempting to turn to Dr. Shailvi for answers, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks, especially when it comes to our mental well-being.

Have you ever found yourself down the internet health rabbit hole, worrying about various symptoms? You’re not alone! We’ll explore how the web can be a double-edged sword, providing information but also causing unnecessary anxiety.

We’ll discuss the importance of consulting healthcare professionals for accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. Plus, we’ll share tips on how to strike a healthy balance between staying informed and maintaining your peace of mind.

Join the conversation in the comments below! Have you ever experienced cyberchondria? Share your thoughts and experiences.

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Doctor ने बताया, Internet से बीमारी के लक्षण ढूढ़ना हो सकता है मानसिक तनाव का कारण (mental stress) : By Dr. Deepika’s Homeopathy

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