What is pyorrhoea (inflammation of the gums) & How it can cure permanently using natural homeopathy treatment?

Purulent inflammation of the gums and tooth sockets often leads to loosening of the teeth.

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Causes of pyorrhoea




🦷Hormonal changes

🦷Poor dental habits: Irregular

brushing and flossing allow bacteria to grow rapidly.

Symptoms of pyorrhoea

🦷Swollen and puffy gums

🦷Bright red, dusky red, purplish gums or shiny surface

🦷Bleeding gums

🦷Bad breath

🦷Pain during eating

🦷Tenderness of gums

🦷Loose teeth

🦷New spaces will develop between your teeth

🦷Recession of gums

🦷Pus discharge

🦷The pocket formation between tooth and gums

🦷Bone resorption occurs in advance

🦷Periodontal abscess

😊😊Homeopathic treatment😊😊

🦷Merc sol


🦷Corbo veg


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